Skowronska Karina Pro

United Kingdom
height: 166cm
offseason weight 62kg
competitin weight 57kg
Coach at Showgirl Fitness
Founder of Sparkle Bikini
Scitec Team

    I started competing in IFBB when I was 14 in a fitness women junior class. I have been competing for 5 years and unfortunately becouse of my leg injury I was forced to stop.

    I've always been active and I used to swim as a kid, did some gymnastics. I guess my mom wanted to get my energy out.
First time I have came across bikini in 2011 and I though I liked the look of girls. I started training again, in 2013 I've decided I would like to get back on a stage and I've entered my first competition. After few misplacing I've decided to join Showgirl Fitness and work closely with Our UK Pro Michelle Brannan. We have been working hard on gaining muscles and creating a new body look to suit bikini category.

   I have won British nationals which opened door for me to compete Internationally.  I have placed IN top 5 in every single competition and after 2 years of competing I had took Overall at British Championship where I won my pro card.

   2016 will be my first year of competing in a pro league. I'm hoping to be able to qualify for olympia one day, will this happen? Time will show,  I know I will put all my efforts to make sure  I can do it