Sellare Solvita

Year of birth : 1987

Height : 166cm (sometimes I am measured as 166.7cm)

Weight : season( 60kg), offseason (62kg)

A bit about myself. I am a fitness addicted person in a good meaning. I live In Riga, Latvia. I attend gym for couple of years already but started training for bikini fitness only since February 2016. This is only my 2nd season. People around me often asked me do I compete and I said no, I do this just for me. And then I started to think maybe I should try to compete. So I started. My coach is my husband Antons Nefjodovs. He says what and how to do. He is in charge of my training routine and my outlook when I am on the stage.

I am a mother; I have a 5 Years old son, which I love more than anything. Fitness bikini is my passion, one of the rear works I really love and enjoy to do. I like preparation period, trainings and eating plan. Fitness Bikini is my main hobby, as well I really like travelling with my family.

Interesting: started to train with my husband:) wanted to be fit

I have participated in Latvian Championships 2016 ( 2nd palce out of 14)

Lithuanian Championships 2016 ( 1st palce in absolute category out of 16)

Arnold Classic Europe 2016 ( 12th place out of 32)

Prague EVLS Pro 2016 ( 5th place)