Kočenaitė Asta

Name: Asta Kočenaitė
Category: Bikini fitness up to 172
Height: 171cm
Date of birth: 1992.01.13
Off season weight: ~65kg
Season weight: ~55kg

A bit about myself:
 I'm totally in love with sport :). I live in Kaunas-Lithuania. First time i walked into the gym because of my boyfriend for about five years ago. I was not interested so much in sport then, i just want to spend more time with him. For bikini I'm training just about 3,5 years. What is more, when I started to train for bikini category, I realized that I finally found my passion of life. I feel happy o stage, I feel very happy that I can motivate people around me, i also fell happy that my family, my boyfriend and my friends support me about this sport. 

My coach, my best friend, my second father and so on is Arūnas Vandys. He is one of the most important persons in my sport career. Arūnas helps me in a hard moments, he also motivates me, and He is the one, who celebrates my victories with me and encourages me to work much more harder to be the best i can. I think, one day we will move the mountains working together.

Hobbies: music, swimming, arts.

I'm representing ,,Fit-house" sport club

Best sport achievements:
2015 Lithuanian junior champion
2015 ,,Vilnius open" overall champion
2015 ,,Saules taure" junior champion
2015 ,,Lithuania championship" 3rd place in absolute category
2015 ,, GP Pepa" 4'th place
2016 ,,European championship" 12'th place
2016 ,,Vilnius Open" 1'st place bikini over 169
2016 ,,Rygas pearl" 1'st place bikini up to 172
2016 ,,Lithuanian championship" 1'st place bikini over 169
I hope it's not the end, ant I'll work hard for more awards :)

Credo: If you really want-everything is possible!!!