Gobbetti Federica

Federica Gobbetti

from Italy

Date of birth: 01/11/86

Height: 1.64 cm

Competition Weight: 52.8 kg

Offseason weight: 56 kg

Sponsored by  Angelsuits bikini and Bpr Nutrition.

Personal trainer and a bikini fitness competitor.

- When I was a child I was a gymnast agonist and I always love sport field.

- I started to compete as a bikini fitness on 2013 and It was completely unaspected…. But It was great.

In Italy I always was on finals.

- My weight training changes really often because my coach Marco Zampolini is extra careful and He always plans my program…after having checked me and after establishing every time my strengths and my weaknesses! Anyway… very little use the machines and I work instead with barbells and dumbbells!

So my  workout is really heavy, high reps for the upper and low reps for the lower body.

No cardio for me but metabolic circuits at the end of my weight training!

- My recent placements:

2014 4th Ifbb  National Championship (Italy)

2015 Arnold Sports Festival Columbus Ohio (USA)

2015 top 15 Ifbb European Championship Santa Susanna (Spain)

2015 2nd Ifbb National Championship (Italy)

2016 1st place Ifbb Diamond Cup bikini up to 1.66 (Slovakia)

Next competition will be the Olympia Amateur Spain  in Marbella and I look forward to be on stage again…It will be really exciting!

- I wish you people to be strong and follow your passions and your dreams so they will come true!

Don’t let the other decide which way is the best for you and which is your limit because only you have this power!

All the best, have a great life…full of strength and dreams..



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 youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCex_v8mfobXuf14JUFlrjpg

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