Cieciora Agnieszka

IFBB Competitior

Date of Birth 26/11/1983

Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Weight in season 51kg, off season 55kg.

Competes in the category Bikini Ftness 163 cm.

Earlier in the category of fitness model.

Personal Trainer
Fitness model
Journalist Freelance
The originator and project director Big Booty by Agnieszka Cieciora (original program of exercise on the buttocks)

my first steps on the stage ...
Somewhere during the holiday season 2014 years almost I was determined that I want to take off once and returned to the training of personnel. One day Christopher Robin (my then-coach) said that in August 9 contest Warsaw Beachbody to UNS. I say damn I'm not ready yet, but the day before the contest after one hour lecture and motivate the decisions I made.
On Friday, 19 bought a bikini, and I told my sister that in the morning we go to Warsaw for the contest.
It was so spontaneous decision that I set up for a good time.
I was completely unprepared, not even dehydrated.
Absolutely nothing! It was the holiday period. you know what I mean: P barbecues, parties, etc .....

Warsaw Beachbody to UNS

What can I say my spontaneous decision proved to be a hit and influenced on my fate. competition was mega, the climate, the people, the organizers, to the weather as in hot countries
.The Point, however, it turned out that the players came mega cut, dehydrated, super prepared. Part associated with the scene. I say "shit girls have experience and I'm a layman."
I will say so at the time when it first went on stage I felt about is !! I felt like a fish in water, no stress, a smile on his face that I could not peel off haha ​​.... Of course, I could not then sit or stretch well the muscles, but in spite of very strong competition came to the final six !!! I was happy as a child and that's when I said, he wants to dedicate

My dream is to stand on the stage of the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

trains 5x a week. Mainly strong strength training. 3x a week doing legs and buttocks. 2x shoulders. The rest of the time. In the period starting cardio 5x after 35 minutes on an empty stomach. Low season uses for the building. I base this on the big weights. Squats 70-80kg, 70-90kg dead ciągli. Exercises on machines, sumo squats, lunges. On reducing eat 5.6 times a day. In each meal 50g ęglowodanów 0 fat, 120g protein. 5liters water. Supplementation: BCAA, AAKG, cutting edge, ginseng, vit.c, zinc, magnesium,

EVLS PragueShowdown' 16 (7th place)
Polish Championship '16 (4th place)
Polish Championships'15 (6th place)
Debuts 15 (5th place)
Finalist FitLook'14
Second Vice World Champion Fitness Model
Second place Grand Prix A. Kobielak
Finalist Beachbody to UNS